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Robert James


Development of equations to predict ration intake in heifers.

Determination of nutrient requirements of growing calves and heifers.

Management of waste milk pasteurizer systems for feeding pre weaned calves.

Management of automated calf feeding systems

Impact of nutrition of calves on immune function and mammary development

Feeding management of dairy herds to improve whole farm nutrient balance.


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VCE Publications 

Nutritional Management "Cow Colleges" and Dairy Conferences

Additional Information


Nutritional management of dairy calves 

Dairy calf raisers “calf colleges”

Nutritional management of the pre- and post-partum dairy cow

Feeding management of dairy herds

Precision ration formulation and delivery to improve nutrient management 
of the dairy farm


Dairy club advisor

Co-coach of the Dairy Challenge Team



2009    Certificate of Teaching Excellence 
            Virginia Tech

2003   Cady Award for distinguished service 
            Professional Dairy Heifer Growers Association

1999   Honors Award – Southern Branch
            American Dairy Science Association

1996   Outstanding Advisor -  Student Affiliate Division 
            American Dairy Science Association


1974 - 75        Extension Assistant  - Dairy Records - Dept. of Dairy Science 
                      VPI & SU

1978 - 80        Extension Specialist - Dairy, Cooperative Extension Service and  
                      Assistant Professor, Division of Animal and Veterinary Science, 
                      West Virginia University

1980 - 84        Assistant Professor,  Department of Dairy Science, 
                      VPI & SU

1984 - 98        Associate Professor,  Department of Dairy Science, VPI & SU  
                      Prior to 1993 appointment was 9 month - 100% teaching

1998 - present   Professor, Department of Dairy Science, VPI & SU


BS    1971 University of Delaware, Animal Science & Poultry Science

MS   1975  Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Dairy Science

PhD  1978  Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Animal Science (Dairy)

    Dr. Bob James

Area of Expertise

Dairy Calf and Heifer Nutrition and Management


DASC 3274    
Applied Dairy Cattle Nutrition,  3 Credits; Fall