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Litton-Reaves Hall

Exterior view of Litton-Reaves Hall.

Litton-Reaves Hall houses our department offices, classrooms, computer labs, Dairy Club Room, faculty offices and well-equipped teaching and research laboratories.

The Dairy Science Complex at Kentland Farm

Aerial view of the Kentland Dairy Farm.

Encompassing 35 carefully planned acres, the Dairy Complex at Kentland Farm is a state-of-the-art facility. The new Dairy Complex allows a more efficient use of land than the previous facility and has given us the opportunity to upgrade and improve some of the technologies incorporated.

The 232 milking cows are housed in a freestall barn where feed consumption can be monitored for research. The barn features drovers alleys on both sides and research pens on one side.  It is double sloped to middle and utilizes sand bedding. The sand is recycled using a weeping wall system for manure management.

The milking facility is designed for animal handling with a double 12 parallel parlor and houses administrative offices.  There is also a special needs barn for use with weaned calves, breeding age heirs and close up dry cows. Additionally, there's a calf barn with automatic feeders and weaned calf pens. 

Of special note, our herd is currently the only one in the nation with both  AFILab and Pedometer Plus systems.

Etgen Learning Center

Architectural rendering of the Bovine Extension, Teaching & Research (BETR) building.

The William M. Etgen Large Animal Learning Center is located at the beef center on Plantation Road. This new 10,277 sq. ft. facility provides classrooms, lab space, and animal holding space to support hands-on animal science instruction and research, as well as housing extension activities.