Donating to the Virginia Tech Holstein Foundation Herd


  1. The department has established the following guidelines for donations to the Holstein Foundation Herd:
  2. Live animal donations are preferred.
  3. Semen is not included in the foundation and will not be considered for donation.
  4. Live animal donations
  5. The strong preference is for donation of genetically superior Holsteins between weaning and three months before first calving.  Animals should be healthy, well-grown and functional in appearance and can be less that 100% "Registered" Holstein genes.  All donations will be entered in the herdbook of the Holstein Association USA. Embryo donations
  6. Donation of genetically superior Holstein embryos will be accepted.  Embryos with PA in the top 1/3 of the registered cows for Net Merit (currently ~$220) or TPI (currently ~1190) will be used as a general guideline.  Donated embryos should be frozen for the one-step quick thaw process.

Procedures for Donating an Animal

1.  Pick out animal.

2.  Please complete health requirements for all donations.


3.  Contact Shane Brannock when you have health papers in order.  It would be very helpful if all donations were accompanied by either a breed association pedigree or DHI individual heifer page to serve as a record of performance and identification.  

4.  Virginia Tech will make arrangements to pick up donated animals.

5.  Transfer animals as follows:

Holsteins - Virginia Tech Foundation
Dairy Center 
Department of Dairy Science (0315) 
Virginia Tech 
Blacksburg, VA 24061 
Account #417014

Photo of the HokieBird painted as a Holstein cow.

Contact Numbers:


Farm phone:
(540) 552-3767

Office phone:

(540) 231-6331