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What is Dairy Science?

The study of the basic and applied science and technology of animal nutrition, physiology, lactation, genetics, reproduction, and the business of dairy enterprise management.

Our Program...

We enjoy a nationally unique status as a stand-alone dairy science department. What this means for our student is MORE. 

More faculty--we have 9 faculty focused on dairy rather than 4 or 5 within most merged Animal/Dairy Programs.

More personal attention--to help you get into the right courses, find the right double major, obtain the right internships.

More students with similar interests--our dairy club and judging and challenge teams are successful--and consistent in that success.

More extra curricular opportunities, travel courses, and research opportunities.

More pride. Our alumni are fiercely proud of their school and translate that pride into continued support for our program--meaning more scholarships for our students.

Our Mission

To educate students, create and disseminate knowledge, and develop applications of technology through study of dairy and related biological systems.