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Our faculty is a talented, dedicated, passionate group of researchers, professors, and extension professionals. With statewide, national, and international collaborations they work to fulfill our departmental missions "To educate students, create and disseminate knowledge, and develop applications of technology through study of dairy and related biological systems."  as well as our vision to "Be THE recognized source for (1) accurate information, (2) meaningful "progressive" innovation, and (3) informed leadership in Virginia, the Southeast, the USA, and the World, and to be the premier Dairy Science program for education and research by becoming more self-sufficient, collaborative, and productive."  Our work covers a broad spectrum of areas from Physiology and Reproductive Physiology to Nutrition, Management, Immunology, Genetics, Forage Quality, Environmental Stewardship and Youth programs.


Our staff  is talented, varied, devoted and enthusiastic. From the Dairy Complex Staff who works to maintain and manage our herd to specialists working in laboratories or on projects, to the program technicians, administrative and fiscal coordinators who keep the department running smoothly, our staff exemplifies the motto of Virginia Tech: Ut Prosim.

Graduate Students

Currently, we have 12 graduate students working in areas of Nutrition, Mastitis Immunology and Epidemiology, Genetics, Lactation Physiology, and Reproductive Physiology. These young folks are the face of tomorrow's dairy industry.