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2020 - Present Judging Teams


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World Dairy Expo

Ask any past participate of a youth dairy judging contest and they're likely to tell you, the contest offers valuable life lessons while creating memories.

Video Creation: Masters Choice
Featuring: Virginia Tech Dairy Science
Contest Results:


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2021 Team Results

  • 2nd Overall Team
  • 2nd Oral Reason Team
  • 1st in Ayrshires Team
  • 1st in Guernseys Team
  • 1st in Jerseys Team
  • 1st in Milking Shorthorns Team
  • 2nd Red and Whites Team


Individual Results:


  • 3rd Individual Ayrshires
  • 2nd Individual Guernseys
  • 7th Individual Milking Shorthorns
  • 10th Individual in Placings
  • 12th Individual (Overall)


  • 8th Individual Holsteins
  • 4th Individual Milking Shorthorns
  • 5th Individual in Placings
  • 4th Individual in Oral Reasons
  • 3rd Individual (Overall)


  • 2nd Individual Ayrshires
  • 5th Individual Jerseys
  • 5th Individual Milking Shorthorns
  • 10th Individual Red and Whites
  • 20th Individual (Overall)


  • 8th individual Guernseys
  • 8th individual Red and Whites
  • 23rd individual (Overall)