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Dr. Vinicius Souza

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Dr. Souza is currently in Brazil working remotely due to the pandemic situation.

Dr. Souza grew up in a small dairy farm in Goias state, Brazil. He completed his BS in Animal Science at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro in 2013. During his undergraduate program, he was involved in research and teaching activities, which led him to pursue a master's degree in Animal Science at Sao Paulo State University in 2014, where he focused on mineral nutrition of feedlot beef cattle. During his master's he was visiting scholar at The University of Queensland-Australia in 2015, where he followed studies on phosphorus metabolism in ruminants. In his Ph.D., he studied the urea recycling and amino acid utilization in feedlot beef cattle. In 2019, He was visiting scholar at the Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences at Virginia Tech where he performed a study on precision feeding in lactating dairy cows. In April 2020, Dr. Souza joined the Department of Dairy Science as Adjunct Faculty.

Dr. Souza's interests range from fundamental studies of the regulation of metabolism to the practical application of nutritional knowledge to animal production systems and include protein and amino acid metabolism in cattle, mineral metabolism in ruminants, and nutritional strategies to reduce environmental impacts of ruminants.

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Peer-reviewed articles

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Book Chapter Published


  1. FAGUNDES, G.; MODESTO, E. C.; SALDANHA, T.; FONSECA, C.E.M. ; MUIR, J. P.; VICENTE, J.; SOUZA, V.C.; SILVA, A.B.; SILVA, R.M. ; SILVA, J.B. ; BUENO, I.C. S. Effecy of Flavonoid Compounds from Flemingia macrophylla on Milk Composition of Lactating Goat in the Tropics. Tannins: Biochemistry, Food Sources and Nutritional Properties. 1ed.New York: Nova Publishers, 2016.


DASC 4274 Dairy Ration Formulation

DASC 4476 Dairy Enterprise Management



Prize awarded by the Brazilian Society of Animal Science by the authorship of the best master's dissertation in Animal Science defended in Brazil in 2016.

Amino acid utilization in beef and dairy cattle

Urea recycling in beef and dairy cattle

Mineral metabolism in beef cattle

Nutritional strategies to reduce environmental impacts of beef and dairy cattle