We would like to introduce the six amazing students selected in December to serve as our Dairy Science Student Ambassadors!

Student Ambassadors assist with undergraduate recruitment--open houses, student visits, admissions weekends, etc.  Lizzie Davis, a senior in the department, developed the application process, structure, and training for the student ambassadors in a fall semester independent study course. Annemarie will be the head student ambassador and coordinate the student ambassador schedules and meetings.  

  • Brittany Bowman is a junior from Mt. Jackson, VA
  • Whitney Bowman is a junior from Mt. Jackson, VA (yes, they are twins!)
  • Annemarie Bresson is a junior from Reston, VA
  • Andrew Laffey is a junior from Cochranville, PA – his family farm is Glenville Dairy Farm
  • Hannah Van Dyk is a freshman from Tulare, CA- her family owns dairy cattle under the Shining-Star Holstein & Jersey prefix
  • Vivian Yang is a junior from Columbia, MD

We are excited to have these students helping to recruit the best and brightest dairy, animal, and STEM interested students to the Department of Dairy Science!

2016 Dairy Science Student Ambassadors